Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back to Columbia for August and Amanda's Wedding

I drove back to Columbia, Missouri last weekend to attend my dear friend August Kryger's wedding to the talented Amanda Shea.


It was rainy for the entire drive from Chicago, but I still managed to get there safe and sound.


While in town, I visit the bar I used to work at, Top Ten Wines. It will always hold a warm spot in my heart.


I had this duck hash with poached eggs on top at Bleu.


It was so nice to see my friends dressed up and happy, putting aside their stresses of finishing school.


I felt honored to be included in such a small, special ceremony. The weather cleared for the wedding!


An all-vinyl DJ threw tunes and kept the party shakin'.


I caught part of a bouquet!


I got to meet the family of my close friends.


And reconnect with some of my dearest friends.


Best wishes to my friends who are beginning a beautiful life together!



Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day trip to Milwaukee, WI

I'm still spending most of my time exploring new parts of Chicago, but over the weekend my brother and his wife asked me to join them on a day trip to Milwaukee to shop for antique furniture and thrift. I made out like a bandit with an awesome 50's cream dress, a old desk filing rack for my paperwork and a rotary phone for a shoot I'm doing in a couple of weeks.

Here's a few pictures I snapped while shopping on a cold day in a new city:

Honeypie cafe 2

Honeypie cafe 1







Alterra Coffee


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Application for Phoot Camp 2011

I found out about Phoot Camp from Simon Biswas, who I met at Eddie Adams Workshop last year. Phoot Camp made my heart beat faster and the corners of my mouth stretch to a smile. It's a magical weekend where 30 creative minds convergence in some random location and everyone takes pictures all the time. Honestly, what could be better than that? I was so anxious when they finally announced applications were open because the only requirement is a self-portrait. I never take self portraits (unless it's into my bedroom mirror or a shiny window on the street). But, I REALLY want to go and I REALLY love a challenge. So, I'll share with you my submission. You should apply too! There are still 5 days until applications close.


My first ever paid photo job was at Tru Restaurant in Chicago. The space is breathtakingly elegant and the food is the best that money can buy in the city. I was sent to capture the spirit of the restaurant, intimidated but thrilled to have the opportunity. On that shoot, I photographed the Donald Judd sculpture that is hanging above my head in this photo. I went back to that same location to make a self portrait because it is where I began to realize that I was talented.

Since that first job, I've graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in photojournalism, studied at the Danish School of Media, worked on projects in India and Italy, attended Eddie Adams Workshop and was recognized by Hearst Journalism Awards Program. Through all of these experiences, I've developed a fresh, colorful and sincere style that I apply to documentary photography, food photography, portraiture and photojournalism.

I would be honored to attend Phoot Camp because one of the most fulfilling parts of being a photographer is the rich friendships I've made through the craft. I can only imagine that Phoot Camp would be an opportunity to challenge myself to make better pictures and be exposed to amazing photographers that I will be able to share ideas with in the future.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fashion Shoot at Loft on Lake

Last weekend, I was invited to a fashion shoot by a recent acquaintance and fast friend, Steve Garrett. He owns an incredibly beautiful studio, called Loft on Lake, just west of downtown Chicago. He has been long-time friends with Stan Malinowski, a fashion photographer whose work covered Vogue, Bazaar, Playboy and Penthouse, who helped organize the shoot and continues to snap away.

I was there as an observer and documentarian, photographing what was happening off the all-white drop. The makeup artists, hairstylists and clothing stylists were all hard at work making the models appear their best. This work environment was relaxed, casual and purely enjoyable. I felt so lucky to be handed over the sync and allowed to shoot with the full lighting set up at points.

Fashion Shoot at Loft on Lake

Fashion Shoot at Loft on Lake

Fashion Shoot at Loft on Lake

Fashion Shoot at Loft on Lake

Fashion Shoot at Loft on Lake

Fashion Shoot at Loft on Lake

Fashion Shoot at Loft on Lake

Fashion Shoot at Loft on Lake

Fashion Shoot at Loft on Lake

Fashion Shoot at Loft on Lake

Fashion Shoot at Loft on Lake

Fashion Shoot at Loft on Lake

Fashion Shoot at Loft on Lake

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Paris Club new food shots


I can only attempt to explain how hard it was not to eat this while I was photographing it. Cinnamon-y, apple strudel with homemade whipped cream. So simple, so delectable!


Put a fried egg on anything and I'll eat it.


True/False Film Fest

If you've never been to True/False Film Festival, you're missing out on a world of interesting people, bright colors, fantastic stories and an all-around gem of the Midwest. It's by far my favorite weekend of the winter. The energy is palpable and the people are open. I saw 8 movies this year! One of my favorites was about 9 half sibilings that all shared the same sperm donor as a father. Another great film was about the history of the St. Louis public housing project, Pruitt-Igoe, that was viewed as the largest failure of public housing in the U.S. The standout was The Interrupters, by far the most compelling story I've heard all year.

Here's some photos from that inspiring weekend.

True/False Film Fest 1

True/False Film Fest 2

True/False Film Fest 3

True/False Film Fest 4

True/False Film Fest 5

True/False Film Fest 6