Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Common Threads Garden

Common Threads Garden

Common Threads Garden

Common Threads Garden
FAVORITE smile of summer camp. For More, www.commonthreadsorg.blogspot.com

Friday, June 26, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beautiful Wedding!









Kids will always love getting their picture taken, huh?


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Common Threads Summer Camp

We're three days into camp and it's wonderful to see the kids open up and take part in all the activities. They have been loving the hands-on activity of cooking and are very willing to try new foods.





For more updates and more photos about Common Threads, read www.commonthreadsorg.blogspot.com

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thunderstorm and Microbursts in Andersonville, Chicago


This tree was effected by microbursts, a type of high speed wind that is similar to tornado. It was uprooted and caused damage to the sidewalks and destroyed a car.


The wheels of the car were off the ground from the crushing weight of the tree.


Neighbors gathered to watch the city crew clean up the tree.


A garage in the alley behind my sister's house was completely crushed by a tree.


This branch was projected from a nearby tree and seemed to grasp on to the patio of a home on Foster in Andersonville.


Directly outside my sister's house. I feel lucky that my car was half a block away!

Staying in Constant Motion

I thought maybe it was time for a post without pictures, as lately I've been giving you photos with few words. The summer has begun for me and I am filled with joy, anticipation and aspiration for the things to come. It is a couple of months packed with "firsts", and I am eager to learn and grow both as a photographer and an individual.

Tomorrow, I am shooting my first wedding. It's a small affair with wonderful people, and although I have nightmares that my camera stops working in the middle and I can't capture something so important - I am sure things will go smoothly. It's something that I didn't think I would be doing, but I'm thrilled for the opportunity. I just want to be taking pictures that mean something.

Monday, June 22, I begin an internship with Common Threads. It's an incredible organization that truly builds the Chicago community by educating children from the ages 8-11 about cooking and cultural diversity. I will be shooting the campers cooking, learning dance and yoga, gardening, and participating in special events. The internship provides me with the opportunity to use my photography to strengthen an organization that is doing something that really matters to families in Chicago. As the idea of newspaper jobs become less appealing to me, I am hoping that this job will help me see if working as a photojournalist for non-governmental organizations and non-profits will be as rewarding as I imagine. It also incorporates one of my biggest passions - food. I love the way food brings people together, the fact that everyone has an opinion on it, the process by which it is grown and prepared, and the effects it has on our lives.

The weekend of June 27th, I'm shooting all weekend for Tru Restaurant. They have been so kind to me as a growing photographer, and it is a wonderful place to explore creating graphic images. I'm always fascinated by watching the cooks and chefs work.

At the beginning of August, I'm rushing home to pack and then flying out to Copenhagen to begin my adventure in Denmark. My father and sister are joining me to see the country for the first time, and we are also taking a side trip to Prague for a couple of days. If any of you have suggestions of things for us to see or do, please leave a comment.

Overall, I feel so satisfied and privileged to be in the position I am. I'm surrounded by family here in Chicago, and I feel I am meeting new people and trying new things every day. I'm about to start a job that I am passionate about, and I have a network of friends from Peoria and Columbia that keep in contact and keep me smiling. To those who have supported me, even through silently looking at my blog or showing friends, thank you for believing in my passion. It makes it worthwhile that people care.

And a huge thanks to my father, as father's day approaches. Both of my parents have been nothing but supportive - financially as I float through cities, but more importantly ideologically in allowing my to follow through with things that seemed impossible at first glance. I really am going to Denmark, and that absolutely would not be possible with out their help.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lovely Time in Wisconsin

Lake house in Wisconsin, home baked pie, fire pit, llama farm and family.









Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Map room/Living room

Map room 1

victor's place

My family

jenny 3

kiran 1

jenny 4

Jenn 1

Summer Garden.

garden 3

garden 1

garden 2


Food and Drank.

bloody mary

map room 2

big chicks

Modern Wing at the Art Institute of Chicago

modern wing 2

modern wing 3

modern wing 4


modern wing 1